8:45 am — 12:00 pm
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, 2801 W 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46268, United States
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1-MILE (WALK) / 3000 METERS / 5000 METERS

8:45 AM Coach’s Meeting near Start/Finish Line (at track)
9:00 AM 1-Mile Race Walk START (on track)
9:30 AM 3000m Run/Walk START (on xc course)
10:15 AM 5000m Run/Walk START (on xc course)
Awards will be presented as division results are tabulated.
Stay near the finish line & your division will walk to Awards as a group.
Runners and walkers should report to the STARTING LINE at least 15 minutes before the reported start times. Races will begin on time.

 The following is the approved uniform/equipment list and is required for athletic
competition: running shorts, basketball shorts, biker shorts, sweatpants, jogging pants, tshirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, and cross-trainers.
 The following uniform/equipment list will disqualify the individual from athletic competition if worn: denim slacks or shorts, casual wear, dress slacks or shorts, tennis shorts, button-down casual shirts, golf shirts, shirts with collars, ads for alcohol or tobacco products, hard-sole shoes, sandals, and hiking boots.

 DRW Coaches can check-in near the corresponding START LINE, beginning at 8:30am.
 Coaches/Runners/Walkers will need to check in with the Clerk of the Course.
 Bib numbers, safety pins, course maps, etc. will be in your Delegation Packet to be picked up at the Delegation Check-in.

 Runner Bib numbers must be worn on the front and on the outer most layer of clothing.
 Walkers Bib numbers need to have one bib on front and one bib on back.
 Safety pins will be provided.
 4 or 8 safety pins per competitor will be provided.
 USE ALL 4 or 8 PINS in the 4 corners of the bib number.
 Runners or walkers without bib numbers will NOT be allowed through the finish chute.

 Walkers will line-up behind runners on the starting line.
 Once all competitors are situated, the starter will blow his/her whistle to gain everyone’s attention.
 One verbal command, “ON YOUR MARKS”, will be used. Then a .22 caliber gun will be fired to start the race.

 The Brebeuf Jesuit cross country course is one of the best in Indiana. It combines open, grassy areas with scenic trails. There are hills, but are manageable for prepared athletes.
 For the 1-Mile Walk, the course will be held on the track. Athletes will walk 4 times around to complete the 1-Mile Walk competition.
 The 3K and 5K will be held entirely on the cross country course. The course contains hills and woods which the athletes will enter. Athletes should be prepared for these terrains.
 Over 20 course marshals will be used throughout the course. They will be directing runners and walkers. In addition, double painted lines will be used to direct competitors through open, grassy portions of the course. Marshals will warn walkers if they are running. Three running warnings will DQ the walker.
 Coaches and spectators are expected to follow the instructions of the course officials. They are providing a fair and safe competition to all competitors. Please follow their instructions. Failure to do so will result in your competitor’s disqualification and your dismissal from the race course.
 Non-competitors may NOT pace a competitor during the race. Pacing is running or walking alongside a competitor. Pacing disqualifies a competitor – NO WARNINGS – only one instance is needed for disqualification.

 Competitors who have finished may stand alongside the race course to cheer on teammates. However, once a competitor finishes, he/she is now considered a spectator and may NOT pace a teammate. Pacing in this instance will disqualify BOTH the finished competitor and the yetto-finish competitor. Even though the first competitor finished, the results are not final until awards have been given.
 Coaches, in potentially colder or wet conditions, please meet your runners and/or walkers at the finish line with any warmer clothing or change of footwear needed.
 All finishers should remain near the finish chute until their division is dismissed to Awards.

 Awards staging is located along the leftfield foul line on the outside of the Brebeuf Jesuit baseball field.
 Awards presentations will take place on the stage there.
 Awards will begin once division results are tabulated and all competitors are walked over and have reported to Awards staging.

 Race management created divisions in which males and females compete separately.
 Age divisions may be combined to provide balanced competition.
 Not all divisions have the same number of competitors.
 Divisions, based upon qualifying scores, were created to provide the best chance of success for all competitors.
 Please discuss any questions with Meet Directors Aaron McRill, or Mike Hasch and/or student Meet Directors, Cameron Todd.


October 1, 2023
8:45 am - 12:00 pm
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