Freezin’ For A Reason!


2019 Polar Plunge and After Splash Bash at Versailles State Park

Saturday, February 16th

Support Special Olympics Indiana by joining the fun of the Polar Plunge and After Splash Bash at Versailles State Park. The Versailles Plunge is one of sixteen Plunges around the state. Last year’s event drew more than 300 Plungers and spectators. The twelfth annual Versailles Plunge promises all the chills and thrills that Plungers have come to know and love. Join us for this extreme fundraising event for the warm at heart.

Participants must raise a “bear” minimum of $75 to take a daring dip into Versailles State Park’s winter waters. All funds raised by the event benefit Special Olympics Indiana.

The Versailles’ Plunge features a HUGE heated festival tent with great entertainment, the Plunge Food Court, the Razzle Dazzle Basket Raffle, face painting, games, and more.

Click the “Register Now” button to register yourself or your team of 10 or more for the Polar Plunge. This button will send you to our official registration site with instructions on how to register for your Plunge site. Participants must be at least 12 years old on the day of the Plunge. Participants under the age of 18 must have a signature from a parent or guardian. Click here to download waiver. Thank you for “Freezin’ for a Reason!”

Why do it…

All proceeds from this event benefit Special Olympics Indiana athletes in our community, giving them the means to train locally and to compete at the state level in a number of Olympic-type sports.

Plunging with a team is even cooler!

You don’t have to be an official organization to create a team. Just have your family and friends join you for the big splash. A team is any group of 10 to 20 members that wants to Plunge together, but only teams of 10 or more that have raised the minimum of $75 per team member will be eligible for team prizes. Team are encouraged to preregister.

penguinVirtual Plunger

Get the “thrill” without the “chill”! Sign up today to be a part of the virtual plunger program. Participants are eligible for the Plunge incentive items starting at the $75 level to receive the souvenir t-shirt. Click on the “Register Now” button to register today!

POLAR CLIMB 5K RUN/3K WALKstock-photo-polar-bear-running-32427529

Do your toes feel better in running shoes than water shoes? Then support the Polar Plunge and Special Olympics Indiana by running or walking in the Polar Climb. Learn more.



Do you dare become one of Indiana’s Super Plungers? Only for the bravest souls and the warmest hearts, the Super Plunger programs dare participants to go beyond the call of duty. Raise a minimum of $4,000 in pledges and Plunge at the Versailles Plunge and the Indianapolis Plunge at Eagle Creek on March 4th. For more information contact Greg Townsend at [email protected]

Cool School

How cool is your school?

Be a part of the 11th annual Cool School Challenge – an event designed exclusively for school teams who want to brave the icy cold lake and support Special Olympics Indiana. It’s a great way to show just how cool your school really is.

A Cool School Team is 10 or more members that students, teachers, staff and/or coaches that Plunge together. Each team must raise the minimum of $75 per team member.

There will be a trophy awarded to the team that raises the most money in each division. Divisions are as follows:

  • Division 1: Middle Schools
  • Division 2: High Schools

The coveted Cool School trophy, Tundra (a large stuffed Polar Bear that travels from school to school each year) will be awarded to the school that raises the most money overall. An Overall Top Teacher / Coach award will be given to the teacher or coach that shows outstanding fundraising and leadership of the Plunge team by raising the most money in all school divisions. And, an overall Star Student award will be given to the student who demonstrates an above and beyond effort in all aspects of fundraising and team support.

Previous Cool School Challenge winners include:

2009 – East Central High School
2010 – South Ripley High School
2011 – South Ripley High School
2012 – South Ripley High School
2013 – South Ripley High School
2014 – South Ripley High School
2015 – South Ripley High School
2016 – South Ripley High School
2017 – South Ripley High School
2018 – South Ripley High School

Cool School Challenge Resources

Team Captain Toolkit

Cool School Team Registration Form

Cool School Team Member Registration Form

Plunge Order Form


Be a part of the 7th annual Public Safety Challenge – an event designed exclusively for police departments, fire departments and EMTs who want to brave the icy cold lake and support Special Olympics Indiana. Teams are 10 or more members of police officers, firemen, EMTs and their family and friends that Plunge together. Each team must raise the minimum of $75 per team member. A trophy will be awarded to the team that raises the most.

Public Safety Challenge Resources

Public Safety Plunge Team Registration Form

Public Safety Plunge Team Member Registration Form


Dip Tips

  • Wear your plunging suit under the clothes you wear to the event – then you don’t have to change into it just to change right back out of it!
  • Choose your “After Splash Bash” outfit (or post-Plunge gear) with this is mind – you will be cold and possibly numb, so loose-fitting, easy-on clothes without a lot of snaps, zippers or buttons are best. When your fingers and toes don’t work so well, it’s not so easy to get some of that stuff back on!
  • Bring an old pair of shoes or surf mocs to Plunge in, its required! No flip-flops, these tend to fall off in the water.
  • Bring a loose pair of shoes to wear after the Plunge – something that will slip easily on and doesn’t have tricky laces (think Crocs).
  • Come dressed in your wackiest Plunge costume for the costume contest.
  • Carpool, or even better, charter a bus with a whole group of friends. The park only holds so many cars.
  • If you are a veteran offer up some help to the Plunge rookies – first-timers are easy to spot!
  • Do not dive in – this a safety regulation and will be enforced by the safety team!!! Beyond that, remember that a Plunge is whatever you want it to be, so there is no pressure to fully submerge yourself. We recommend that you do not go into the water above your abdomen. The water is cold (it is February after all!) and will take your breath away.
  • Do not wear anything over your face, such as a mask of some sort. When they get wet they tend to cause breathing difficulties.
  • Do not be the first to go into the water if it is your first time. Remember there will be many people behind you and if you get in there and decide you do need out immediately, it will be very difficult to do so quickly.
  • A plastic bag for wet clothes.
  • A backpack to hold street clothes and your new Plunge t-shirt!
  • Two beach towels one to dry with and one to stand on in the changing tent – which is heated by the way.
  • A dry partner to hold your valuables while you are in the water.
  • Old shoes for going into the water. No flip-flops.
  • Clean dry under garments to wear after Plunging.
  • A disposable, waterproof camera that you can carry into the Plunge Zone with you…even if your “handlers” can’t get a close-up of you in the water, feel free to ask a fellow Plunger to capture your big moment on film.

Plunge Prizes

Each participant raising the “bear” minimum of $75 will receive a long-sleeved souvenir event T-shirt.

Polar Plunge Beach Towel

 Prizes are not cumulative.

Tonal Blend Quarter Zip Long Sleeved Pullover

Prizes are not cumulative.

 Sharpa Blanket OR Laptop Backpack

Prizes are not cumulative.

Pick Any Two

Pick Any Three

Super Plunger North End Jacket

Indiana Polar Plunge 2019

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10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Polar Climb Registration

11:00 a.m. Polar Climb 5K Run/3K Walk

11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Polar Plunge Registration

12:00 p.m. Polar Climb 5K Run/3K Walk Awards

1:30 p.m. Costume Contest

2:00 p.m. Polar Plunge

3:00 p.m Polar Plunge/Sponsor Awards

4:00 p.m. Basket Raffle Winners Announced

Dress up for the Costume Contest!

Polar Plunge Indiana - Costume Contest

Register Now

Chili Splash

BoyConeyHungry like a Polar Bear? Join us for dinner at the Versailles or Lawrenceburg Gold Star Chili on Thursday, February 14, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Fill your belly and support Special Olympics Indiana athletes with 10% of your bill being donated to the Polar Plunge and After Splash Bash. So, round up the cubs, spread the word, and we’ll see you at Gold Star!

Event Forms


Polar Plunge Pledge Collection Form

Cool School Team Captain Toolkit

Cool School Team Registration

Cool School Team Member Registration

Public Safety Plunge Team Registration

Public Safety Plunge Team Member Registration

Polar Climb 5K Run/3K Walk Registration

Versailles State Park Map

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