Athlete Leadership Council

Athlete Leadership Councils (ALC) are advisory and exist to make recommendations to the County Management Team (CMT) regarding SOIN policies, programs, events, issues, and initiatives. The ALC is designed to give every Special Olympics athlete a vehicle to communicate their ideas and concerns. The CMT provides a volunteer Facilitator who supports the group without inserting his/her own opinions into the discussion. The ALC meets once a month on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Participants in the ALC should be at least 18 years old, seeking an opportunity to have their opinions known, and have developed the ability to participate independently in meetings. All athletes interested in ALC are encouraged to participate in Alhlete Leadership University.


Chairperson: Kendra Franklin
Vice-Chair: Charlie Wilson
Secretary: Becky Cashman
Benji Hyatt
Max Rinck
Emily Reece
Kevin Beiersdorfer
Maria Segrist
Alex Kieffer
Jacob Eldridge
AJ Williams

Co-Facilitators: Greg Townsend, Dan Rinck

Athlete Leadership University

Special Olympics Indiana’s foundational program is Athlete Leadership University, which meets two weekends per year (Fall and Spring). Starting with the “Introduction to Athlete Leadership” course, athletes learn about Special Olympics, create a personal mission statement, and plan how they can lead in the organization.

Athletes then select one of seven majors (Communication, Sports, Governance, Technology, Health and Fitness, Leadership through Visual Arts, and Event Planning and Management) to pursue. Each major consists of a series of courses leading to graduation two to three years later. Following each class session, an athlete must complete a practicum related to the course topic. Review our Handbook for Athlete Leaders for more details on Athlete Leadership University and the curriculum.