The Management Team, appointed and supervised by the Program Coordinator, is responsible for making a year-round program of sports training and competition available to all eligible Special Olympics athletes in the given counties of Ripley, Ohio and Dearborn.

Greg Townsend

Program Coordinator
Greg’s professional journey spans over two decades in developmental disabilities before transitioning to the role of Associate Broker/Realtor at RE/MAX. Presently, he operates as an independent contractor with Best Version Media, taking on the role of Publisher. Since 1991, Greg has maintained an active engagement with Special Olympics Indiana. Notably, in March 2005, he played a pivotal role in establishing the program in Ripley, Ohio, and Dearborn counties.

In his capacity as Program Coordinator, Greg assumes a multifaceted role. He leads the management team, orchestrates the creation of an annual events calendar, manages the program’s financial matters, enforces volunteer protocols, facilitates competition entry submissions, and serves as the program’s representative at various area, regional, and state meetings.

Angie Schuman

Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator
Angie stands as a devoted parent to an athlete, Randy, and carries the remarkable distinction of being intricately involved with Special Olympics Indiana – Ripley Ohio Dearborn Counties since 2005. Through this enduring commitment, her family has not only found a community of like-minded individuals but has also been given the chance to connect with families who, like them, are nurturing a child with intellectual disabilities.

Functioning as both Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator, Angie takes on multifaceted responsibilities. She expertly facilitates communication flow within the management team, upholds meticulous records and files, and meticulously captures minutes during meetings. Her role extends further to identifying the volunteer needs of the program, actively sourcing and engaging volunteers, and managing the Volunteer Management System (VMS) to ensure accurate onlilne registration/orientation and the up-to-date status of Class A Volunteers.

Furthermore, Angie’s passion and dedication also extend to the realm of sports. Specifically, she coordinates the sport of equestrian, collaborating closely with two riding centers. This additional responsibility showcases her commitment to fostering an inclusive and dynamic environment for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Cheryl Shuman

Finance Secretary/Fundraising Coordinator
With over two decades of experience in the realm of developmental disabilities, Cheryl’s professional journey has spanned twenty years. Presently, she holds the position of Case Manager at IPMG. Cheryl’s deep-rooted commitment to the cause is reflected in her eleven-year association with Special Olympics Indiana.

As the Finance Secretary and Fundraising Coordinator, Cheryl’s role encompasses a spectrum of responsibilities. These include procuring the annual budget, pinpointing diverse avenues of income, preparing and submitting fundraising proposals to the state office, orchestrating fundraising events, and ensuring the secure deposition of funds.

Melinda Scripture

Athlete & Family Coordinator
Melinda is the parent of Special Olympics athlete, AJ. AJ participates in basketball, corn toss, bowling and volleyball.

As our Athelte & Family Coordinator, Melinda is responsible for identifying eligible athletes, creating recruitment campaigns, registering athletes, supporting family involvement, and setting recruitment goals.

Dan Rinck

Athlete Leadership Coordinator
Dan is the father of Max, one of our athletes.  They have been involved in Special Olympics since 2006.  Dan is certified to coach basketball, soccer and snowshoeing, and in the past has coached both basketball and soccer for Special Olympics.  He and his other three children have all been Unified Sports partners, playing volleyball with Max.

He previously held the position of Assistant Sports Coordinator.  Dan is a mechanical insulator with the Cincinnati Heat and Frost Insulators Local #8.

As our Utility Player, Dan is responsible for coordinating our annual weekend camp, assisting with local competitions, and assisting the management team as needed.

Curtis Johnson

Community Relations Coordinator
Curtis started volunteering with Special Olympics while a freshman in high school. Shortly thereafter, he became involved in many of the “behind the scenes” type duties of the Program. His volunteerism continued during his years at Ball State University, where he graduated with a degree in Computer Technology. He is currently employed in business development with Echopath.

As our Public Relations Coordinator, Curtis is responsible for developing an annual public relations/education plan; compiling a media and PR directory; writing news releases; preparing promotional materials, media kits, and fact sheets; and administering our Facebook account and website.

Lisa Baugh

Health Coordinator
Lisa has worked as a registered nurse for twenty-one years and is currently employed at Kings Daughters Hospital in Madison.  She just recently became involved with Special Olympics Indiana.  Lisa has had years of experience with special needs with her brother-n-law, Greg.

As our Health Coordinator, Lisa is resposible for managing our athlete medicals assuring that all are up to date and complete, admintistering medications during overnight competitions, providing training, and coordinating health clinics and trainings.

Jesse Laub

Technology Coordinator
Jesse started volunteering with Special Olympics while a sophmore in high school as a life guard. Shortly there after, he became one of our assistant aquatic coaches. His volunteerism continued during his years at Northern Kentucky University, where he graduated with a degree in computer information technologies. He is currently employed as a Systems Administrator with Advanced Testing Laboratory.

As our Technology Coordinator, Jesse is responsible for researching, recommending and monitoring IT vendors used by the Program, reviewing the adequacy and allocaiton of IT resources, and manage the Games Management System (GMS).

Jeanette Mattingly

Coach Education Coordinator
Jeanette is a parent of a Special Olympics athlete and serves as one of our bowling coaches. She is serving her second term on the management team and looks forward to the challenge. Watching the athletes socialize, laugh, have fun while perfecting their bowling skills and  get a little exercise, is what Jeanette enjoys most about coaching. It’s very important to her that during competition the athletes have fun, the medals and ribbons are just bonuses.

As our Coach Education Coordinator, Jeanette is responsible for assisting our coaches in developing their coaching skills. She accomplishes this be sharing information with our coaches, coordinating training, and managing cetifications.

Randy Schuman

Athlete Representative
Randy became involved with Special Olympics eight years ago while in school at East Central High School. He participates in basketball, flag football and volleyball.

As our Athlete Representative, Randy is responsible for attending athlete leader training, representing athletes during meetings, and assisting the management team according to his strengths.

Kendra Franklin

Athlete Leadership Council Chairperson
Kendra Franklin, a passionate advocate for inclusive sports and leadership, holds the position of Chairperson of the delegation’s Athlete Leadership Council. Her commitment to Special Olympics traces back to 2005, marking over a decade and a half of dedicated involvement. In recognition of her exceptional contributions, Kendra’s influence expanded to the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Indiana in May 2022. A dynamic athlete, she proudly represented Team Indiana in the sport of swimming at the 2022 USA Games in Orlando. Beyond her sports accomplishments, Kendra is an integral part of her community, currently lending her talents at Trackside Pizza in Osgood.