Special Olympics Indiana – Ripley Ohio Dearborn Counties would not exist today—and could not have been created—without the time, energy, commitment and enthusiasm of the more than 100 volunteers. Special Olympics relies on volunteers at all levels of the movement to ensure that every athlete is offered a quality sports training and competition experience.

Our volunteer pool is dedicated and diverse. Volunteers include civic and fraternal groups, high school and college students, amateur and professional athletes, business executives, Special Olympics athletes, family members, sports officials, coaches, teachers, retirees and corporate groups.

When you volunteer with Special Olympics Indiana you will have the opportunity to make a genuine impact in the lives of our athletes and their families. Whether you volunteer your time year-round, seasonally or simply for a single-day event, it is an experience you’ll be destined to remember forever.

Volunteers are classified in two ways.

Class A – any volunteer who has regular contact with athletes.  Examples include:

  • Coaches
  • Chaperones
  • Unified Sports® Partners
  • Volunteer Leadership / Management Positions

Class A volunteers are required to complete an interview with our Volunteer Coordinator and/or Program Coordinator and  an online application and training process.

Class B – any volunteer who has single day event responsibilities.  Examples include:

  • Referee
  • Scorekeeper/Timer
  • Announcer
  • Awards presenter

Class B volunteers register on an event basis.  Please visit the Events tab for opportunities.


Apply to Become a Class A Volunteer

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Returning Class A Volunteers/Unified Partners Please Note: A new Username has been assigned to you. Your Username is now the first part of your email address, everything before the @ sign of the email address you initially used to create your account.

Coach and Volunteer Code of Conduct
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