The registration deadline for the spring semester of ALPs Univeristy has been extended to April 13, to give everyone a little more time to complete the process once events are back up and running in April. The spring semester is scheduled for April 25-26. Athletes interested in attending should contact County Coordinator, Greg Townsend, at by April 5th.

The cancellation of March events and practices has impacted several athletes who needed those events to complete their practicum work. Therefore, the due date for practicums has been extended to April 25. Athletes may submit their practicum paperwork at ALPs University. If you have already completed your practicum or will not be attending Spring ALPs, you may email it, fax it, or traditional mail it to the State Office by April 25 as usual. Please remember your practicum must be signed by your Mentor and the County Coordinator before sending to the state office.

For athletes who have challenges completing requirements before April 25, extensions and alternatives will be addressed on a case by case basis at ALPs University. These decisions are up to the instructors for each course. We will allow time after check in at ALPs for athletes to meet and discuss solutions for completing practicums with their instructors. More details on this will be included with the Spring ALPs communications. For athletes not attending Spring ALPs, these will be addressed after Spring ALPs. Please email your instructor or for guidance on extensions or alternatives after April 26.

In addition, prerequisite requirements are waived for spring, but must be completed by the fall practicum deadline. Athletes may register in their next course if they are confident they will complete their prerequisite requirements by fall. For example, if an athlete has a few more volunteer hours left in her/his “Introduction to Leadership” practicum, s/he should register for her/his next course this spring and complete the remaining volunteer hours by fall.

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