2020 Fall Games: Sports and Fitness Challenge

As Special Olympics Indiana continues to prioritize the health and safety of all athletes, volunteers, and families during this nearly unprecedented pandemic, in-person competition and events continue to be limited even as governmental restrictions are beginning to ease. Special Olympics Indiana’s annual EKS Games scheduled for September will not go on as planned.

Instead, building upon the momentum generated by a successful virtual Summer Games, you’re invited to be #UnifiedByHope once more for a similar event this fall: the 2020 Fall Games Sports & Fitness Challenge, promoting continued at-home exercise and hydration.

For each day in September, Athletes and Unified Partners have two (2) challenges: 1) be active for 30 minutes each day (The particular sport or fitness exercise is up to the Athlete/Unified Partner, but selected exercise should raise the heart rate. The 30 minutes of exercise does not have to be all at one time. You can do two 15 minutes workouts, or three 10 minutes, etc.; as long as it all adds up to 30 minutes at the end of the day.); 2) Drink five (5) bottles of water each day. Participants will receive one (1) point for each challenge completed each day, for a maximum of two (2) points earned per day through out the month of September. A perfect score at the end of the month will be sixty (60) points.

Earn bonus points (10) for participating in the Lilly 1,000 Miles Challenge. A small fee does apply. To participate contact Scott Furnish at sfurnish@soindiana.org for more information and to register.

Participant will earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal based on the total points earned:  Gold Medal:  50 points or more; Silver Medal: 40-49 points; Bronze Medal: 30-39 points; 4th Place Ribbon: 20-29 points; or a 5th Place Ribbon: 10-19 points. Download the scoresheet by clicking here. Scoresheets must be turned into Special Olympics Indiana by 5:00 p.m. on October 12th. See scoresheet for methods of submitting your results.

Curbside Pickup:

Saturday, August 29th from 10 AM – 1 PM
Osgood American Legion Ladies Aux Post 267

Pick up your 2020 Summer Games: Sports and Fitness Challege t-shirts and a scoresheet for the 2020 Fall Games: Sports and Fitness Challenge. T-shirts are for those Athletes, Unified Partners, Coaches, and Volunteers that participated in the Summer Games Challenge only. If you ordered Summer Games souvenir t-shirts you can pick those up as well.

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