As of December 1, Special Olympics Indiana has a new vendor for volunteer background screenings: Barada Associates, a family-owned business from Rushville, IN and one of 4 vendors approved by SOI. With a new vendor, there is a new process for background screenings.

Here’s a summary of the new process:

  1. The Coach/Volunteer Application process remains the same – completed by the volunteer & submitted to the State Office by the Area or County.
  2. After the State Office processes the application, the volunteer will receive an email from Barada. Click HERE to see a sample email.
  3. The email will come from [email protected]
  4. The new volunteer must click the link in the email to begin the background screening.
  5. Once in Barada’s secure online system, the volunteer will enter information necessary for the background screening, including Social Security Number.
  6. There is NO charge for the new volunteer. The State Office will pay costs.
  7. If the new volunteer does NOT initiate and complete the screening, Barada will send follow-up emails to the volunteer.
  8. Volunteers will not be Class A volunteers until this screening is completed. Barada will inform the State Office if volunteers do not complete the screening. Then the State Office will inform the County Coordinator.
  9. Veteran volunteers will receive the same email and go through the same process, when their background screenings need renewal (which is every 3 years).

The background screening is an essential part of protecting our athletes. Thank you in advance for providing a safe environment to them and for your help in this process.

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