If interested in participating in bowling, athletes and unified partners must attend one of the following call-out practices: Wednesday, September 9th at 5:30 pm at Durbin Bowl in Lawrenceburg, or, Sunday, September 13th at 1:00 pm at Pollard’s Bowl in Versailles.

This year we are offering four-person unified teams in addition to the traditional single and assisted ramp competitions. Each unified team is made up of two SO athletes and two unified partners of similar ability.


A $50 fee per athlete or unified partner will be charged to participate in bowling this season. This fee needs to be paid in full by September 30th to assist the delegation in covering practice costs. While the delegation is still helping to cover the total cost of practices, due to increased participation and decreased funding we are not able to completely cover practice costs.

In the future we would like to return to covering more and more of the practice cost for our bowlers, but we need your help. We hold many fundraisers throughout the year and your participation volunteering to help raise funds makes sure we are successful. Please keep this in mind next time we put out an announcement about a fundraiser.

Road to the State Tournament

All participants must compete in our local tournament scheduled for Saturday, October 24th at Durbin Bowl to advance on to the Area 9 tournament scheduled for Saturday, November 14th at Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis.

The state bowling tournaments are scheduled as follows: traditional singles and assisted ramp competitions are scheduled for Saturday, December 5th; the four-person unified team competition is scheduled for Sunday, December 6th. Both state tournaments will be held in Indianapolis. Bowling is Special Olympics Indiana’s largest sport and there is no guarantee to advance on to the area and/or state tournaments. We are limited to the spots we are given from Area 9 and the state.

There is no Area 9 tournament scheduled for the four-person unified team competition. The state office will provide the area with a number of teams that can advance on from our local tournament to the state tournament on December 6th.



  1. September 9, 2015

    Thank you for having the dates set and published! Really helps with planning.

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