8:00 AM — 7:00 PM
6002 Sunnyside Road

Indianapolis, 46226 United States
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9:00 Game 1 Yellow                   Marion Co NE                    Pacers                                        VS                                          Ripley Ohio Dearborn Mustangs Game 2 Yellow                   Marion Co South              Cyclones                                   VS                                        Shelby County                      Red Devils Game 3 Blue                     Marion Co South                Storm                                          VS                                           Marion County NE         Falcons Game 4 Blue                      Boone Conty                       Shooting Stars                           VS                                      Marion Co South            Tornadoes
10:00 Game 5 Red                       Boone County                   Super Stars                                         VS                                           Ripley Ohio Dearborn        Hot Rods Game 6 Red                      Hendricks County           Spirit                                        VS                                      Marion Co South            Sunami Game 7 Womens                    Marion County NE      Wildcats                                          VS                                        Marion County South Lightning Game 8A 3×3 Orange                 Hendrics Pacers VS          Marion NE Vipers           Game 8B 3×3 Orange                      Boone County Starbursts  VS Hendrics Bulldogs
11:00 Game 9 Blue                     Boone County Lucky Stars                                 VS                                        WINNER Game 3 Game 10 Blue             Washington Township    Lions                                          VS                                        WINNER Game 4 Game 11 Yellow                   WINNER Game 1                     VS                                     Marion County South Hurricanes                      LOSER is 3rd Place Game 12A 3×3 Purple               Boone Co. Rock Stars         VS Marion NE Raptors                                      Game 12B 3×3 Purple Hendricks County Warriors VS Boone Co. Death Star
12:00 Game 13 Womens                    Marion County NE      Wildcats                                          VS                                        Marion County South Lightning Game 14 Blue                  LOSER Game 3                                   Vs                                       LOSER  Game 4 Game 15 Yellow                           LOSER Game 1                            VS                                                           LOSER Game 2 Game 16A Orange                   LOSER Game 8A                   VS LOSER Game 8B                                          Game 16B Orange          WINNER Game 8A VS                    Boone Co. Shining Stars
1:00 Game 17 Blue (1st)              WINNER Game 9                     VS                                      WINNER Game 10 Game 18 Blue (3rd)                           LOSER Game 9                            VS                                                           LOSER Game 10 Game 19 Yellow (1st)                  WINNER Game 11                  VS                                      WINNER Game 2 Game 20A Purple (1st)        WINNER Game 12A VS WINNER Game 12B        Game 20B Purple (3rd)            LOSER Game 12A VS            LOSER Game 12B
2:00 Game 21  Red (1st)               WINNER Game 5                     VS                                      WINNER Game 6 Game 22 Red  (3rd)            LOSER Game 5                        VS                                      LOSER Game 6 Game 23 Green                 Madison County                 Marvel                                       VS                                        Shelby County                      Magic Game 24 Green                       Madison County                 Magic                                      VS                                     Boone County                        All Stars
3:00 Game 25A Purple (1st)        WINNER Game 8B VS         WINNER Game 16B           Game 26B Orange (3rd)                LOSER of Game 16B is          3rd Place Game 26 Game 27 Game 28


January 12
8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Special Olympics Indiana – Ripley Ohio Dearborn Counties
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